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Air Shunt Appears on Alexander Haig's World Business Review.

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Air Shunt Instruments’ mission is to be a leader in all the markets in which it operates.

Our staff is customer-oriented and keeps abreast of market trends to provide, in a timely manner, top quality products and services at the best price/quality ratio. We also distinguish ourselves by technical and administrative innovation, constantly striving towards new products and services and high productivity.

We are proud of our employees and recognize their valuable contribution. The corporation’s success is based on the sense of belonging, professionalism, entrepreneurship, commitment, hard work and team spirit of all its employees.

Our Vision:
Air Shunt Instruments, Inc. is committed to creating one company, one team, all-inclusive, where diversity contributes to mission success.

Our Mission:
Air Shunt Instruments, Inc. is committed to meeting its business objectives and increasing its productivity and competitiveness. This can be best accomplished through a comprehensive, focused thrust that capitalizes on the diversity in our work force and communities. We recognize the need to utilize and maximize all our employees, allowing them to achieve their career goals on an equitable basis, according to their contributions and performance.

Quality Policy:
AIR SHUNT INSTRUMENTS, INC. is committed to providing customers with products and services that are fit for their intended purpose and conform to the specified requirements of the customer, company, and all applicable regulatory needs. It is our policy to furnish products that continually demonstrates exceptional performance and dependability while maintaining a commitment to our customers to minimize cost without compromising reliability.




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