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Since Air Shunt Instruments' inception in 1984, we have been a leader in the repair/overhaul and sales of cutting edge avionics and electromechanical instrumentation and systems for aerospace and defense.

Today, Air Shunt Instruments carries on the tradition of innovative and high quality craftsmanship instituted by our founder. Each and every Air Shunt employee is committed to supplying our customers with the highest standards in quality, performance, service, accuracy and reliability – in every product we deliver and in every service we provide. Air Shunt Instruments continues to be a cost-effective repair and sales facility with worldwide product support.

As you browse our website, you’ll find that it is designed to highlight our products, people, technical capabilities, advancements and breakthroughs within our two business areas:

Altitude Alerters
Airspeed Indicators
Vertical Speed Indicators
Fuel Flow Indicators
EGT Indicators
Navigation Systems
Air Data Systems
Distance Measuring Systems
Radio Systems

Air Shunt Instruments is a major supplier of surplus and repair/overhaul capabilities to a vast majority of defense contractors worldwide, including, but not limited to:

Tinker Air Force Base
Warner Air Force Base
U.S. Coast Guard


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